Rawlins Statue

Today in Washington, D.C., there were many people around Lafayette Park and near the White House hoping for a glimpse of the visiting Japanese Prime Minister.  Police were out in force, rerouting traffic every which way given that many streets were closed. Even those walking had to make unusual detours…leading to surprises.

Today one surprise was the discovery of General Rawlins’ Park on the corner of 18th and E streets Northwest.


Illustration: Watercolor and pen and ink by Black Elephant Blog author

Rawlins was a general in the U.S. Civil War, representing the Union forces.  Apparently this statue, installed here in 1874, is one of the few Civil War statues in town that doesn’t involve someone on a horse.  This statue exudes dignity in the midst of traffic.  It is within sight of the Old Executive Office Building, seen in the distance. Shade trees and a small reflecting pool add to the appeal of the spot for a break from walking through the crowds.  According to Wikipedia, the Rawlins monument is considered to be one of the “best portrait statues” in Washington, D.C.


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